Maryam Ishtiaq Maryam Shah- Slavery is Funny, Racism Is Good, Dragging Hijabis, Lighter Skin

The suffering of millions of individuals was never nor will it be funny

Maryam Ishtiaq Shah has had several controversies and made many questionable choices. Around this time last year she lied (she called it an exaggeration ) on a period related post. Around that time this topic was trending about periods. Now Maryam loves to talk about any topic which is controversial and will gain her followers.
 Here is a link to her post

and it says ” I’ve had countless men explicitly tell me that they’ll speak to me after 7 days…you know because of my menstrual cycle and all”
Alot of influencers called her out on this and she admitted to Anisha Jan that she had essentially lied. She even was crying and called Irene Sarah . She even apologized to Anisha in the DMS. Anisha commented on her public post and asked her to apologize to everyone. She felt that since she publicly lied she should publicly apologize.

After this she got several people to attack Anisha, claim it was a lie.  Then Beenish Shah, Maryams sister in law threatened to call Anishas work, and also threatened to get her arrested and fired. Since Anisha was a small influencer she was very traumatized. Maryam used her followers to bully, and attack her. They sent her several threats and told her to kill herself. Even now a year later she hasn’t been posting since then. Irene Sarah among other influencers spoke up too but then Maryams followers attacked and harrassed her and said things about her kid. Maryam condones this kind of activity to her followers and supports the bashing of others families etc.

Badmaash Beauty – Did Maryam Ishtiaq & Beena Alvi Fake a Company about helping Acid Victims to Gain Followers?

Maryam Ishtiaq Is known to lie about controversies based upon the period controversy. She purposefully has been known to engage in controversial topics, exagerate and even lie to gain more engagement, likes/followers on Instagram. Maryam Ishtiaq and Beena Alvi were supposedly launching a makeup company to empower women which was supposedly partnering with Depilex Smile Again Foundation (an organization which helps acid attack victims). Beena Alvi is not following Depilex Smile Again Foundation anymore. So did her and Maryam fake a company that said they were going to help acid victims called Baadmash Beauty. After it got publicity (Link) , it helped Maryam gain more followers and was featured on news outlets like Dawn she completely deleted the Badmaash Instagram Account makeup company. Maryam and Beena removed all mention of the company and never addressed the issue. This was supposedly a company which was going to help acid victims so why was it shut down? What was the purpose of the company? Also if the company was not going to be launched then why was it not addressed. Maryam said on her Insta Live that her partner Beena Alvi had found other opportunities. Does this mean that you found a better job than helping acid attack victims? So basically Maryam got publicity, and Beena Alvi, and then without a trace everything disappears. Maryam was questioned on this topic many times and she never responded and deleted all those comments as well. Beena also disabled her instagram as well. They also unfollowed Depilex on instagram. So why would they both unfollow Depilex Foundation which supports acid attack victims? So what was the true purpose of this Instagram?

Maryam Ishtiaq Racist Tweets

Now her recent issue started 02/2019 when people came across Maryams Racist tweets. This was on her twitter @MaryIshtiaq

After people started posting about it she deleted her twitter account.

She did not however think that google saves the data from public accounts and her account can still be seen here live Her Account

Since she has a habit of not telling the truth, before she deleted her account to hide her tweets, multiple different people had taken screenshots of her tweets. Now could several different people fake the same exact tweets, not likely. All the screenshots are taken on different devices, on different computers and no one has the time to photoshop all that just to falsely accuse someone. Also if there was nothing to hide why delete your account right away

Also google saves a lot of peoples tweets and so does twitter. I will provide these links a little later

Now when this happened Nabeel Shah, her husband, and Maryam had to claim these are fake. If they admitted it would cause issues and also they are pathological liars. This is similar to last year where she did the same thing with Anisha. She causes a controversy and will act like the victim.

I will first show all the tweets with Evidence
Secondly I will make a summary of why these tweets are real
I want you to make an informed choice and stand up against lies, racism, hatred and hate speech.

Maryam Says Slavery Is Funny and Black People are Thugs

She states slavery was funny and cant stop laughing at it.

Maryam Ishtiaq tweet says, ” I cant stop laughing at this slavery stuff…I cant…I just cant stop laughing”

Maryam Ishtiaq tweet says, ” I am surrounded by black…and i mean THUG PEOPLE in U.S history”  

She states slavery was funny. These same tweets were saved by two different people on different devices. 
Maryam Ishtiaq tweet says, ” I cant stop laughing at this slavery stuff…I cant…I just cant stop laughing”
Maryam Ishtiaq tweet says, ” I am surrounded by black…and i mean THUG PEOPLE in U.S history”  

Different User Screenshot same exact tweet

This is another tweets saved by a different person on a different device. The tweets say the exact same thing but Maryam, Nabeel Shah (her husband), and Beenish Shah (her sister in law) keep lying about them being photoshopped

Making fun of a older Persons Retirement Fund.

Working hard to save money isn’t funny

I want to drag her by her Hijab.

It is not funny to promote violence towards a group which suffers already. 

Same proof as above but someone else took a picture from their phone.

Now after this people came across Maryams Google + Account which had pretty insane things on there as well. It mentioned how her parents thought she was Satan and made her talk to an Imam.

This coincides with how her twitter was saying she wanted to dance around in the graveyard, wants to practice black magic, talk with dead people etc

Maryams satanic tweets talking about dancing in graveyards, talking to dead people

Her exact tweets, ” #alliwantis to dance around in a grave yard saying hayalalalalal!”

” #alliwantis to go to a grave yard and talk to dead people ”

Here is Maryam talking about wanting “to play with the organs of dead people” as you can see below someone responded to that and was freaked out by it.

Maryam also tweets about wanting “to practice black magic.” Also on google + it mentions her parents were concerned she was satan (that evidence below).

Maryam also says she ” wants to see an abortion happen”.

These topics are sensitive and not something to be joked about

She tweeted about wanting to play with dead people and their organs and someone responded to @maryish92 saying after seeing that I dont want to hangout tomorrow. Link Here

In the link here you can see Nadir wrote @Maryish92 WTF to her talking about wanting to practice black magic

Then someone found her personal facebook/ personal facebook statuses which also share a similar theme to her twitter

Then on her facebook she had a status that she made a twitter and the original username was @Maryish92 around 2011
She changed her twitter username to @MaryIshtiaq which you see here but before changing her username her original username when she made her account was @Maryish92

On her facebook post all the people commenting on the facebook post are her friends so it isnt photoshopped as she keeps claiming

Now you can go here and still see tweets which people responded to by @Maryish92 . So if anyone responds to your tweets their message stays up.

Here is the link to peoples responses to @Maryish92 which align with her tweets

So in one tweet she talked about wanting to play with dead peoples organs or similar and below you can see someone responded to that

Maryam tweet throwing around the word Nigga

Tweet says , ” Bin laden is dead….”  

Also a similar post on her personal facebook

Maryam Shah Darker Skin vs Light Skin

Maryam Ishtiaq tweet making fun of people ” You have been in high school for more than 4 years”

Maryam Ishtiaq tweet talking about dark and light skin color. Basically saying her skin is lighter  ” I am lighter than you. Good try though :)”

Maryams Parents Thought She Was Satan

If we look at her Google+ there it says she argued with a islamic scholar for a couple of hours because her parents think she was “Satan” . She has been removing all the evidence as we post it.

Here is a link to her account which google have saved

Live Link

This combined with her satanic tweets, plus talking about beating and dragging hijabis shares a common theme of hatred.

She even in 2011 was aware there are consequences to saying things online. Her tweets say be careful of what you put online because employers can see it. If she knew this, which means she understands there are consequences, she just did not care.

She talks about not posting stuff online where employers can find it and they will search for it but she herself has so many posts. This means she knows there can be repercussions but just didnt care.

One of her tweets she talks about bin laden and here is the screenshot of her tweet and the person who responded
Now her tweet is gone since she deleted her twitter but the person who responded his response to her is still up. You can check the link Here

Her last tweet about bin laden and people responses on right 

From google it shows Maryams account @Maryishtiaq before she deleted it to hide her tweets. Check link here

Tweets from Maryams Past. It is her account

Here are several brands which have tagged @MaryIshtiaq as her twitter so she cant claim its not her account.

So if she even says @MaryIshtiaq is not her twitter why would all these brands tag her there which she cant because Google, Twitter, and These Screenshots show its her twitter.

Picture 1
Sunglasses Brand tagged her on @ MaryIshtiaq

Picture 2
Clothing Brand tagged her on @Maryishtiaq

Picture 3
Sep 3 2018 a Brand Maggy London tagged @MaryIshtiaq as her twitter with her picture

Picture 4
Clothing brand tagged her on @MaryIshtiaq

Picture 5
This is from 2017 an Influencer tagged her to follow her twitter and Maryams in the picture with her. @MaryIshtiaq (Dont you think the influencer would know which account is Maryams)

Picture 6
Maggy London tagged her again @MaryIshtiaq

You can see all these live tweets still at this Link and you can see tweets all the way back till 26 Sep 2011 before which her username was @MaryIsh92

Google search maryam and still shows Maryam Ishtiaqs tweets in the search and that the account belonged to her
You can even click this link and google still shows she owned the account

Google search maryam and still shows Maryam Ishtiaqs tweets in the search and that the account belonged to her
You can even click this link and google still shows she owned the account

So why would all these brands tag her twitter as @maryishtiaq if that wasnt her twitter

Btw you can click this link and it still shows all the brands posts who tagged her 

She deleted her twitter @maryishtiaq

Two different people have screen shots of Maryams twitter searching for her and shows it was her account before deleting

Nabeel Shah Maryam Ishtiaqs husband keeps blocking people asking about her racist tweets

Nabeel has been asked by many people but he keeps lying to everyone its photoshopped and blocking people

Nabeel not only claims to everyone its photoshopped, he is also blocking people who inquire

Maryam is doing the same deleting comments

Maryam is doing the same blocking people . There might be some people who might be rude but why not address the people who are respectfully asking. why delete and block them too

Summary Of Why Her Tweets Are Real

Now they (Nabeel, Beenish, and Maryam) keep claiming everything is faked but then those tweeted responses from her account @Maryish92 are still live here on twitter how can anyone fake that?

The people responding to her tweets are her friends and you cannot fake that since it is live.

She Forgot that anyone who responded to her tweets their tweets are still up.

Also multiple people screenshot her tweets from different accounts before she deleted

Her Google + and her facebook said similar things to her tweets.

Nobody will photoshop all this and lie. Nobody has the time to fake evidence across multiple platforms

If you go to this link it shows how brands were posting her with her new username on twitter when she changed from @MaryIsh92 too @MaryIshtiaq

After he controversy came out she deleted her account around 02/10/19 but
but you can see from these tweets brands shared that she owned the account @MaryIshtiaq.

She can delete her personal account but not the tweets brands made of her account tagging her

Also google saves your public account info and here Maryam’s twitter after deletion can be viewed through a cache. Check the link from Google

Also her facebook status proves that her username back in 2011 was @maryish92

Also the people who retweeted her tweets back then the tweets are still live Here . These you cant even say are faked they are live as well on Twitter

Now are you telling me that Google and Twitter are photoshopping her tweets because those are live Google and Twitter info, or is she lying?

Another thing is thing Maryam deleted her twitter, google + status, made her personal facebook private, and also all three (Maryam, Beenish, and Nabeel) say there are photoshopped. Then after all this evidence she said her account was hacked. Well if your account is hacked then you mean to tell me for months your Google +, Twitter, Facebook was posting hacked tweets and you didn’t notice. All your friends retweeted and you never noticed. That is not possible.

Maryam Ishtiaq Buys Fake Followers

Maryam Ishtiaqs account was ran through an analytics website to look for possibility of fake accounts. She does regularly buy a lot of fake followers which companies might not know but her part of her likes and followers are from fake accounts. After running the analytics it said there are possible more than 27,000+ accounts which are not real. This number will continue to increase as she keeps purchasing fake followers.

27,000+ Accounts of Maryam Ishtiaqs 159,000 as on 2/17/19 are Bots/Fake Followers. That is very concerning for brands

After people were given this evidence
Other Influencers Started To Speak Out

Eventually speakchic_ spoke out on this issue

Brands are Distancing Themselves From Maryam Ishtiaq

Brands Are Choosing To Distance Themselves From Maryam Ishtiaq Shah and her Racism/Hatred

Brands started removing her from their PR as they don’t stand by her message of hatred.  The brands so far which have took a stand against hate and racism

Ulta Beauty Discontinued her partnership with Maryam as they do not support hatred and racism.

T3Micro has removed and ceased collabs with Maryam

Class Pass has distanced themselves from Maryam due to her racist Attitude

RedKen ceased collabs with Maryam Ishtiaq for her Racism and hate speech

MashionPk has discontinued relationship with Maryam

Kaval Sultana spoke out

Anisha Jan Spoke Up

Anisha Jan spoke up the girl who was bullied by her last time she spoke up again

Afghangstah spoke up

Pakistan Street Style Spoke Against Racism Updated NEW INFO 2/15/19

PakistanstreetStyle does not support Racism. Someone questioned pakistanstreetstyle why she shared Maryams picture but she blocked them. She did NOT know at the time about Maryams racist remarks. The reason the user was blocked is because the person mentioned the forum (which has a certain stigma to it) so it is understandable as not being thought of as super credible. Read Below after she found out about the racist tweets …

After PakistanStreetStyle Read Our Blog

Pakistan Street Style Doesn’t support racism or the remarks made by Maryam.
After she was given a credible link to this blog she addressed the story after doing her research and reading through the information. She has said she does not support her in anyway for these remarks.

TheLuxurious786 Supports Racism

The TheLuxurious786 clothing which used to feature Maryam, was informed about the racism, and hatred Maryam displayed towards Black people, and Hijabis. When she was told about Maryams racism and hatred chose to ignore it and say that “we do not have anything to do with anyones personal matters”. When it was found out she supported Maryam and people mentioned they would not buy from her she started saying she would never support racism. She said she wasnt properly informed, and she would not support racism/hatred even if it was her own family. This all turned out to be a lie. The main reason is obvious she is obsessed with money. So you mean to say that:
Its alright if someone you feature is racist against Hijabis?
Its alright if they talk about beating hijabis?
Its alright if they say slavery was funny?
Its alright if they say black people are thugs?
Its alright if they use their platform to bully others.
There are better clothing pakistani brands to support.

Anam Falak Spoke Out

Anam Falak had a great talk about how being an influencer comes with responsibility. She spoke out that it is important to be transparent and share with your followers if anything comes up. It is important to address any concerns instead of hiding them. She even brought up her own situation where someone was saying something about her and she called them out. She did not delete or try to hide. She has over 630,000 followers, way more than Maryam but even she understands the responsibility of being an influencer. She was also saying when there is so much evidence and tweets online that how can Maryam keep saying its photoshop. So you mean to tell us that twitter is lying? All the tweets are still on twitter that people responded too. She said people makes mistakes, but if you did something admit it and apologize. She said this would cause people to respect her more but Maryam has not once apologized. She also said it was disappointing a lot of big influencers were not speaking up but talking behind closed doors. A lot of influencers did not want the backlash or they are trying to do shoots with Maryam or shoutouts. She said when a influencer is non genuine then it makes the whole community look bad. By not calling out Maryam for being wrong it is not empowering other women but rather take away their empowerment. Anam said she saw people reached out to her about this issue and she addressed it.

Maryam Ishtiaq Blocked Anam Falak For Standing Up Against Her Racism

Anam Falak spoke up against Maryam Ishtiaq and the racist/hate speech which Maryam portrayed in her different social platforms. Anam spoke up about the responsibilities of being an influencer and what it means to take responsibility. If there is an issue which comes up, as a responsible influencer a person must be transparent and address the issue. After having this conversation on her IG live, with respect and integrity she was then blocked by Maryam Ishtiaq. Maryam Ishtiaq is blocking anyone who is not supporting or standing by her racist agenda. Anam does not agree with the racist, hate speech and other lies which Maryam is telling to the community. Anam believes in transparency and being upfront about your mistakes. Maryam is focused on trying to falsify or make the evidence look photoshopped even though enough proof has been given. This goes to show that Maryam does not care about individuals. She does not care what she did is wrong but rather as long as she can get blind supporters, who will stand by her she will continue to follow them. If you dont support her and even if she is at fault, she will block you or cut ties.

Irene Sarah Does Not Support Racism

Irene Sarah was one of the people who stood up to Maryam last time she had the period post. That as summarized above resulted in Maryam lying and framing Anisha Jan. Maryam supported the bashing of Irene, and went as low as to not correct her followers when they bashed her child. There need to be boundaries but Maryam has no boundaries, no remorse and only cares about what helps her gain more followers. People have no worth to her but how she can use them to get more for herself.

Maryam Ishtiaq …..

Finally to summarize. Maryam is now still claiming that the accusations are false and these are all lies. She has not once apologized and when it concerns other people she is quick to call them out. It does not matter you made a mistake in the past if you have grown show integrity and apologize. Apologizing shows you have grown but continually lying and sticking to a false narrative of saying everything is photoshopped is beyond sad. A person should hold themselves to a higher standard. She is misleading and lying to so many people. There are people who have in the past bought things on her suggestions and when they receive bad service there are times she has blocked them and never reached out to the brand to fix the issue with their order. There are numerous things she has done like this and never once apologized.

Now That You Know Everything it is time to take action

  1. Report and Email the Companies she works with respectfully and let them know to not work/collaborate or sponsor her.
  2. Also ask them to cut ties with this individual

Sample Messages you can send

Hello ___________________,
I regularly purchase and support your company but I came across an Influencer you are using who has used hate towards multiple groups.

Maryam Ishtiaq has used hate speech against African Americans saying these words below
Maryam Ishtiaq tweet says, ” I cant stop laughing at this slavery stuff…I cant…I just cant stop laughing”
Maryam Ishtiaq tweet says, ” I am surrounded by black…and i mean THUG PEOPLE in U.S history” 

She has also directed hatred towards Hijabis and said in her tweets
Maryam Ishtiaq tweet says, “I want to punch her in her face, Drag her by her hijab”

There is a blog dedicated to this entire topic.

Several notable companies such as Ulta Beauty, Laura Mercier, Beauty con, T3micro have distanced herself from her after verifying all the information given is true. Also other big Influencers are standing up against racism.

I just want to inquire does your company stand by this racist and hate speech? Are you standing behind her message?
By supporting, hiring and posting on social media or continuing a business
relationship with her, it is sending the message that you support hate speech.

Link to All Her Companies: Click Here